Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Week Early For Valentines

Yes that's right, Strictly Come Dancing Arrived at The Lindum on Friday (or our version of it). Hosted by Nick & Carol Atack. Nick and Carol are renowned Dance tutor from Preston. And have a large following. They have now been hosting our dancing weekends for the past four years, and they have become a very popular event with their customers and people from further afield

Thirty guests checked in for our Valentines Dancing Weekend. Friday evening was an informal get to know each other, and a chance to learn the steps. Leading up to the formal Valentines Dinner Dance on Saturday Evening

On the Menu Was:
Fruits of Love
Succulent Fan of Melon, Served with a Passionate Passion Fruit Coulis
Lovin Spoonful
Tomato, Apple & Celery Soup with Affairs of the Heart Croutons
Recipe for Lovers
Tender Chicken Breast Floating on a Dreamy Champagne Sauce
Between the Sheets
Fillets of Sole Sandwiched with Prawns with a Lytham Shrimp Sauce
Blind Date
Sticky Toffee Pudding, Soaked in a Butterscotch Sauce, with the Creamiest of Custards
A Selection of Cheese and Cheese Biscuits
Coffee and Wafer Thin Chocolate Mints
The Restaurant was decked out in style for the evening. And even the staff were in a romantic mood. Lubo (seen above) was more than happy to help out with decor. And this good looking lad has no date for valentines day. Would you believe !
So if anyone knows of a lovely young lady who's looking for a valentines date, Lubo is the Man !

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