Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Sun Has Been Put Back Into Sunny St Annes

What great weather were having at the moment, so much I could not resist having a wander along the prom to get a few snaps. Some of to great scenery along St Annes Seafront

Above - The Mexico Lifeboat Disaster Memorial
Below - The Les Dawson Statue.

St Annes Pier, towering above the sand dunes, In far shot, what is left of the old pier, once a busy theatre

One advantage of having a 4 storey hotel. Some great panoramic shots of the promenade. The open air paddling pool and Entertainment complex

The 18 hole Miniature Golf Course, many a challenging game has been lost and won between The Lindum Staff on that course. Not that any of us can actually play !!

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Jason Thompson said...

Good picture of the Mexico Disaster Memorial, did you Know that Jane is related to the guy in the statue and he invented the cork life jacket. I wish I could remember his name.