Saturday, 18 October 2008

Lindum Gears Up For Party Nights

"Santa, In October........... You're Too Early" was the expression I feared this afternoon when Santa took to the streets of St.Annes to sell our Christmas Party Nights. Thankfully though this was not the case, the public took our marketing strategy with good humour. And in an hour and a half all of the handouts were gone. And just in time I might say as the heavens opened as we walked back to the hotel. Apart from the odd funny look, people seemed to be very interested in what we had to offer, so fingers crossed. All I can ask for is that the many passing children were not too confused when they saw Santa, two months premature ! Also, many thanks for Daniel Palmer, his help handing out leaflets was greatly appreciated !!!! (There You Got A Mention !)

Santa & The Lindum Helpers - Matt, Russ, Hannah & Dan

Anyone would have thought you had never seen a Santa In Autumn Before !!!


Jane Thompson said...

I hope you've now taken lots of Christmas party bookings, you are definitely building a fan base in Flower Design, I will post pictures of Santas visit tomorrow!

Ben Glover said...

Thank you all you flower design fans, Its entertainment garunteed so get booking